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I believe that healthy food nourishes the body, interesting ideas nourish the mind, and inspiration nourishes the spirit. Experiencing inspiration “lifts the spirits”, while lack of inspiration can lead to depression. On this page I will be sharing links to inspiring video clips I’ve come across – a collection of snacks for the spirit.

> Poetry Inspiration from South Africa’s Got Talent (6 min)

Video of a young girl (11) reciting inspirational poetry in a talent competition. The most inspirational thing is her uninhibited personality. Her parents and teachers have clearly failed to teach her the art of self-suppression.

> Crop Circle Response to NASA Message of 1974 (6 min)

In 1974 Carl Sagan composed a message that NASA sent into space. 27 Years later a response appeared in a form of a crop circle. A year later another crop circle appeared with an encoded message. This video shows what these messages contain.

> Benjamin Zander: A world of possibility (30 min)

A famous music teacher and conductor explains what it means to live in a world of possibility as opposed to the downward spiral. He then relates this approach to education and demonstrates it on his student – a 15 year old cellist – right in front of the audience.

> Kiwi! (3 min)

A short animated cartoon about a little kiwi bird who has an impossible dream and will do anything to realize it.

> Meditating Samurai VS The Fly (3 min)

This cartoon depicts one of the greatest challenges of meditation, and perhaps of life – the struggle of fighting against what we don’t like. The samurai’s martial skills are potent, but this is no ordinary fly. The fly is a metaphor for many things: from unwanted thoughts in meditation to chores and problems in life. The samurai realizes that what we focus on grows and that perspective can shape our experience.

> The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (53 min)

Peak oil theory predicts that world oil production will peak around 2010 and that this will be followed by gradual decreases in production and corresponding increases in the price of oil. Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean inhabited by 11 million people while its total land area is slightly smaller than New Zealand’s North Island.

With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 Cuba lost most of its oil imports and experienced a severe economic and agricultural crisis similar to what other oil-importing countries like New Zealand may experience decades later. This movie shows how Cuba successfully implemented a range of innovative strategies ranging from organic agriculture and permaculture to decentralization, local production and community-focused initiatives.

> What if Money Was No Object (3 min)

Alan Watts talks about choosing an occupation in life and highlights the difference between the common path and its alternative.

… More videos will be added over time…

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What are your favourite inspiring video clips? Feel free to post below.

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  1. Hi, here is the link to the local herbalist whom I was mentioning on Wednesday evening. She is the one who connects intuitively with the plants.

    Also, thanks so much for the Tai Chi and meditation. I really look forward to it each week.

    With warmness, Andrea

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