What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice for learning more about ourselves – about our mind, body, energy and spirit. This involves deliberately focusing attention and observing the inner experience. Conscious observation or “being present with what is” is the central theme of meditation practice.

Modern lifestyles can often disconnect us from our inner experience – many external problems are constantly demanding our attention and even recreation often involves distracting ourselves from what is going on inside. Practicing meditation is a way to calm an overactive mind and reconnect with the state of being underneath.

The benefits of practicing meditation include a sense of inner peace and calmness, deeper self-understanding and self-acceptance, and ability to make more fulfilling choices instead of habitually reacting to people and situations. This class is presented in a modern and culturally relevant context and many of the techniques are very applicable to the challenges of modern life.

Meditation is not religion and not new age philosophy. It is a toolbox for self-discovery. The goal of meditation is to reconnect with our inner wisdom, inner strength and inner peace and carry them into our everyday lives.

About This Class

This meditation class is a guided exploration of meditation techniques in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We explore different meditation techniques ranging from sitting meditation to movement meditation. Each session is different.

Meditation classes are held every Friday evening at 7pm. The practice part of the class is between 60 and 90 minutes. We have a customary cup of tea after the session and talk about our experiences. Sharing is optional, but recommended because verbalizing our experiences often brings greater clarity. We usually have a group of few to several people from different walks of life.

There is no charge for attending the classes. Koha is optional and the suggested amount is $5. Koha is a Maori custom that represents a voluntary and unconditional gift that is appropriate and comfortable for the giver. You can put koha into the wooden box by the exit.

Meditation classes at Laingholm Eleven are closest to Titirangi, Waima, Woodlands Park and Parau. Allow around 20 minutes if driving from New Lynn, Blockhouse Bay, Green Bay, Glen Eden, Oratia, Waiatarua, Cornwallis or Huia. Allow 45 minutes from Auckland CBD.

Class Requirements

No previous experience is necessary. This class is designed to allow complete beginners to join in at any time of the year.

The minimum age for this class is 16 given a personal interest to learn meditation. There is no upper age limit, and it is never too late to learn to meditate.

This meditation class is not suitable for people who have a mental illness or take psychiatric medication.

This class is casual – you can attend or miss classes as you wish.

Joining the Meditation Class

This weekly class is currently on hold. Contact me if you want to be notified when this class is resumed. Also check the Events Timetable for upcoming meditation workshops.

3 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. Hi there
    What an amazing centre you are creating ! Could you please email me when dates are confirmed for meditation ?

    Thanks so much


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    • Hi Alana,
      Thanks for your message.
      The plan is to run Sunset Meditation sessions on Friday evenings starting from 19th of October.
      I will e-mail you later to confirm for sure.

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  2. After attending the moving meditation classes with an open mind [ this is all new to me] I have found that, im more at peace with myself.
    The moving meditation helps to foucs and brings clarity
    What a great way to end a working week.

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