Self-Kindness Meditation in Central Auckland

Self-Kindness Meditation - 3 Dec 2020

Kindness, compassion and acceptance can be difficult to give to others, especially in challenging situations. But it is often even more difficult to give kindness, compassion and acceptance to ourselves. For many of us, myself included, it is like an ability we didn’t get a chance to learn at school, or even at home, because our parents may have been too critical or distant or too focused on themselves. But regardless of what we missed out on earlier in life, we are now capable adults who can learn new skills.

In this group I will be taking you through guided meditations that help you to:
– form a stronger connection with your body, emotions and inner being,
– get to know your inner child and learn to comfort and look after him or her,
– learn to feel and embrace all emotions, not just the pleasant ones,
– discover the treasures hidden in your grief, sadness, anger and fear,
– meet your inner critic and turn this tormentor into a friend who supports you through the challenges of life,
– embrace what it means to be a perfectly imperfect human.

1. We will start by introducing ourselves and setting our intentions (10-20 min).
2. I will guide you through a meditation – you can sit down, close your eyes and simply listen and follow the instructions of where to focus your attention (30-45 min).
3. After the meditation we will talk about what we’ve experienced (15-30 min). This last part is also an opportunity to ask questions about meditating or about any challenges you might be having with self-kindness in general.

On colder days we will sit by the warm fireplace. You are welcome to enjoy the space and mingle after the session before heading out into the night. Let’s create an inner glow that you can carry into the rest of your week.

Time: Thursday evenings 6:00 – 7:30pm. Come a little earlier to settle in. Please do not come in after 6:10pm as it disturbs the meditation for others.

Place: The Hum Salon, 123 Grafton Road, Central Auckland.

UPDATE: the classes are currently being held outdoors in the Auckland Domain park – see the meetup group for latest details.

Suggested Koha: good income – $10 / standard – $5 / financially struggling – $2.
Put into the koha box or transfer to: Valera, 38-9002-0523922-19 with reference “koha”.

– Go to the top of Queen Street, turn left, cross the Grafton Bridge – it’s the very first building on the right.
– From AU / AUT: just a 10 min walk up Symonds Street and across the Grafton Bridge.
– Enter through the front entrance (pictured above), we’re in the first room on the left.

- Street parking is free from 6pm (you can start parking from 5:45pm thanks to the 10 min “grace period”).
– There’s also a $2 (for the whole evening) parking lot across the road – on the left side after you cross the bridge coming from CBD.

Event Rules:
– Power off all your wireless electronic devices (or enable airplane mode) for the duration of the session.
– Please do not wear strong perfume or fragrances.
– No smoking / alcohol / drugs before coming.
– Do not come when you are sick to avoid passing it on.
– Be respectful towards others and the venue.
– Do not arrive after 6:10pm.
^ These are necessary to create an enjoyable and healing session for everyone.

Health Rules:
– Please do not come when you have cold-like symptoms or suspect a recent close interaction with an infected person.
– If you recently had a vaccine injection please wait a couple of weeks before coming as some people are allergic to the spike proteins being produced after the injections.

No registration is necessary, you can just turn up!
Feel free to bring friends along (tell them about the event rules).
Newcomers are warmly welcome. Come as you are. No prior experience necessary.

Staying Connected:
– You can join the Self-Kindness Meditation Group on Meetup.
Subscribe to Valera’s e-mail newsletter for future events & workshops.

Much appreciation to the Hum Salon for providing a lovely space in the central Auckland. Check out their web site to learn more about Hum and Falling Apple Charitable Trust.

4 thoughts on “Self-Kindness Meditation in Central Auckland

  1. The meditation classes that I’m attending at the HUM SALON are contributing in an excellent way to my personal development. I’m learning how to treat myself and other more kindly and how to deal with difficult emotions.
    The location is very convenient to reach with public transportation and ideal for meeting with like-minded people and learning something new about ourselves.

    Keep going with this!
    Good job.


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  2. These meditation sessions are quite different to any I have previously experienced.
    The emphasis on Self Love, the thread running throughout a variety of topics, is refreshing and very practical.
    The themes, sometimes quite challenging, are delivered in a calm, respectful and considerate manner and all points of view, opinions and questions asked, are listened to, respected, considered and answered fully.
    Valera is a very knowledgeable facilitator, who has a gentle, open and genuine manner, and I very much appreciate his willingness to share his own experiences and vulnerabilities.

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  3. Having attended a poetry event in this magical & historical building, I was interested in trying out Valera’s Self-Kindness meditation class. I find the meditations, looking at different aspects of self-kindness, to be both helpful & interesting. A friendly group in a homely setting, Valera has surely found the best location in Auckland for a meditation group : )

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  4. I have attended physical classes and online sessions with Valera and they are equally impactful for me and help me understand myself more in this soul search journey to uncover ‘Who I Am’, ‘What I believe in’, ‘What I stand for’ and more. These meditations and discussions, help people share views and opinion on subjects that are far from small talk that you would normally do in a social setting where you are meeting new people. I believe this is a better way of making friends and getting to know people in a polite, friendly and safe manner. All the sessions that I have attended, have helped me further on my quest, not one session I attended made me feel that it was not worth the time. I am certain many will agree, that in this world -Time is all we have to give and receive from others and I enjoy my time in these guided workshops. Thank you Valera for bringing people together and guiding so many selflessly.

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