Sat 18th July – Meditation Workshop – Moving Into Your Inner Dance

In this 3-hour experiential workshop we will step beyond the dominance of our thinking mind and re-connect with the fluid intelligence of our physical body. We will focus on getting in touch with our inner movement impulse and learning to follow it, releasing the weight of the physical tension that no longer serves us, and exploring the natural rhythm of circular movement in our body.

The participants will be guided through movement-based meditation practices in a way that is supportive of their physical and psychological comfort levels. This workshop will be focused on going deep within – there will be no performances and no dance interaction – each participant will be discovering and exploring their own movement. There will be breaks and opportunities to ask questions that come up during the practice.

This workshop is open to both complete beginners and experienced meditators. Movement meditation is fun, ideal for kinaesthetic people and offers a completely new perspective for people with strong intellectual tendencies. People who think that they can’t dance will discover what it means to dance from within. People who love to dance will learn techniques for making dance a conscious spiritual practice.

The workshop is offered by Valera Koltsov, a certified Tai Chi instructor with 10 years of teaching experience and 15 years of personal experience with different modalities of dance and movement meditation. The workshop will be held in Valera’s home studio in Laingholm in the spirit of sharing with the community. Koha is optional ($20 suggested).

Time: 2:30pm – 5:30pm on Saturday 18th of July 2015.
Registration: Register using the form below. Limited to 15 participants.

Booking Status: 15 out of 15 places booked. Any further registrations will go on the waiting list and be notified if one of the registered participants cancels.

Location: 11 Laingholm Drive, Laingholm (close to Titirangi), West Auckland.
Getting There: 40 min car drive from the city. Or use the 171 bus:
1:40pm – New Lynn Interchange, 1:50pm – Titirangi Shops, 2:00pm – Laingholm Drive.
6:00pm – Laingholm Drive, 6.26pm – Titirangi Shops, 6.36pm – New Lynn Interchange.

Workshop Requirements

  • This workshop is not suitable for people who have a mental illness or take psychiatric medication.
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable for movement. Wear socks.
  • Do not use any essential oils or scented products – perfume, cologne, deodorant, aftershave, hair products – on the day of the workshop to ensure that we have fragrance-free air in the room. This is important for breathing techniques.
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol or take any drugs on the day of the workshop.
  • No cell phones or electronic devices in the building. (If you are coming without a car and have to have a cell phone on you, it must be completely powered off for the duration of the workshop and left with your shoes in the foyer.)

Food recommendation: start the day with a good breakfast and have a filling lunch before the workshop, to see you through until dinner. Optional suggestion: making your lunch vegan can strengthen your receptivity in meditation practice (ex: a base of rice, pasta or potatoes with cooked vegetables, beans or lentils).

All you need to bring is yourself. There will be filtered rain water to drink during the workshop, and a cup of tea afterwards for those who want to stay and chat. Taking written notes during the workshop will be impractical – focus on the experience and write after the workshop if you want to record some ideas.

Registration Form

The registrations for this workshop are now closed. Sign up for the e-mail newsletter to be notified about future workshops.

4 thoughts on “Sat 18th July – Meditation Workshop – Moving Into Your Inner Dance

  1. I have been beautifully inspired by the workshop. It felt like coming back home, establishing a deep connection with myself, connecting with peace, freedom, acceptance, being in the body and in the moment. Thank you Valera for creating the space and guiding us through this journey. Your studio also felt like a very special place. I would be happy to participate in further workshops.

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  2. The workshop was a great space, thank you Valera. I felt able to work deeply with my own process in a safely held space, and I also found that I reconnected with some aspects of myself that tend to recede in every day life – such a great thing to move! I also benefitted from some of the guidance during the dance which helped keep awareness on my habitual patterns (which I am more likely to slip into if it is only free dance). I’d love to do more!

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  3. What a great workshop. As a person new to dance meditation I had a really interesting and rewarding experience. Thank you Valera for creating a safe space for me to connect with a deeper part of myself through the use of dance – something I love to do so much already, but not something I always use with such conscious intention. I look forward to doing more workshops that are the same or similar.

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  4. Namaste Valera
    an excellent space / container
    well guided event
    good energy good group
    think most were able to stay inner focused
    I thought the music could have been “deeper” but that may have impacted on the purpose of the workshop
    I would like to do an interactive workshop in this same space
    Many thanks and well done

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